A visit to a rehabilitation basket at Clubhouse Tiberias

On December 9, 21, a meeting was held at the Alba Clubhouse in Tiberias with representatives of a rehabilitation basket from the Ministry of Health. A number of representatives arrived, headed by Sharon Rothschild, head of the national employment staff of the Rehabilitation Basket at the Ministry of Health.

The purpose of the visit was mainly to get to know the clubhouse, the members, the staff, and the activities that take place at the place. We told in detail about the day-to-day work, the various meetings on the topics covered by the clubhouse, we toured the various units, and presented the work on events such as holidays, birthdays, workshops, trips, etc.

In addition we held a meeting of the guests with all the friends and staff who were present that day.

Questions were asked about the various activities, the feeling of the members, and emphasis was placed on the contribution of the place to each of the members and on the cooperation and joint decision-making of the staff and members on all issues related to the activities of the place. The meeting with the friends as well as the tour of the units were interesting and left a positive impression on the guests.