Advisory Council Meeting By: Niran Kabaggi

An advisory council meeting is a meeting with the clubhouse friends who each contribute what they are interested in and can. Clubhouse Tiberias has three distinguished people who are Yishai Orlev, Sima Shilo, Noam Shelsky, and of course we will always be happy to expand the circle of clubhouse friends.

The meeting was attended by three clubhouse friends, friends and staff.

We started with a round of acquaintances, gave a presentation in which we noted and highlighted what each friend contributed and of course a huge thank you for their contribution and work for the clubhouse community. We continued the meeting by marking updates from each and every unit and sharing from them our projects, goals and dreams for the future of which we would be happy for the friends of the Clubhouse to be a part.

סטנדרט 33: “לקלאבהאוס יש ועד מנהל עצמי, או במידה שהוא מנוהל בידי ארגון (עמותה או חברה), יש לו מועצה מייעצת נפרדת, הכוללת אנשים בתפקדי מפתח. אלו מספקים תמיכה וסינגור לקלאבהאוס בתחום הכלכלי, המשפטי, החקיקתי, התעסוקתי, הצרכני והקהילתי”.