Clubhouse Article Archive Page

  1. Whole Exhibition
  3. Leisure: “The Magic Circle” at Clubhouse Tiberias
  4. A visit to a rehabilitation basket at Clubhouse Tiberias
  5. The process of recruiting new staff at Clubhouse Tiberias
  6. Leisure of Man’s Day by Uri Nahum
  7. Fellows’ meeting on a respectful discourse by Uri Nahum, Daniel Cohen and Mikey
  8. The special project that is being created in collaboration between the Department of Psychology at Emek Yizrael College, photographer Noam Ben-Gurion Musari, curator Sagit Zluff-Namir and the “Clubhouse Amit” association
  9. Outcome Indices – Ministry of Health visiting Clubhouse and promoting the national program for evaluating processes in the mental health rehabilitation system
  10. An information meeting and raising a glass in honor of Rosh Hashanah 2021
  11. Book of the Week Recommendation
  12. Employee evening
  13. Self-regulation workshop – By: Uri Nahum
  14. Leisure – Chess workshop – by Oren Dadon
  15. Hebrew employment
  16. Dessert workshop
  17. Personal Experiences in the Corona Period By: Omar Begun
  18. Parking lane marking project
  19. Advisory Council Meeting By: Niran Kabaggi
  20. New cafeteria board / Oren Dadon
  21. Certification – division according to units / Oren Dadon
  22. Certification Meeting No. 1
  23. Leisure – the vicious circle
  24. Representatives of the Clubhouse Association Amit at the Extrability Conference 2021 – of David Yellin College
  25. Weeks celebration at the Clubhouse
  26. I have a daily club, I have a club every day
  27. Seder Pesach and the Sabbath in Tiberias
  28. Living with schizophrenia – a reading recommendation
  29. Distribution of gifts to employers
  30. Visit of new employees from Kinneret Welfare Services at Clubhouse
  31. Leisure at Clubhouse Tiberias
  32. What has changed
  33. Beach party
  34. Purim party at Clubhouse and Zoom
  35. Returning to a careful routine Clubhouse Jerusalem
  36. Not just a green character – also a green approach to life at Clubhouse Afula
  37. Distributing light together in the creative menorah competition and the winners are:
  38. Replacement of cycles from Hebrew Beit Zera
  39. Physical distance – social closeness!
  40. The most creative and crazy menorah competition
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