Book of the Week Recommendation

“Functional Medicine: Prevention and Customized Treatment of Disease Roots,” by Dr. Jeffrey Bland.
Did you know that an event that occurs in one system can affect an organ or process in another system?
The medical model we all grew up with, focuses on the disease and its mode of action, which includes diagnosing the disease by a doctor who specializes in a particular area of the body and then prescribing medication or referring for surgery to cure it.

In contrast, according to the functional approach all systems are interconnected, the organs are not isolated structures that do not touch or communicate with each other but parts of one complete system that functions together. Functional medicine experts do not stop looking for answers if they are unable to find a defective organ that can be “repaired”, but continue to study the entire physiological network, looking for imbalances within one physiological system or between different systems.

The book describes and details, among other things, seven main physiological processes in our body and points out the factors that disrupt their activity and cause us to suffer from diseases.
Recommended for anyone who wants to get to know his body and understand a little more about current medicine.
Focus Publishing, can be found in bookstores.

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