Who we are

“Go up, go up, for your strength is great;
You have the wings of the wind, the wings of mighty eagles “

(Rabbi Kook, Orot Hakodesh)

The Jerusalem Clubhouse community is a warm, supportive and welcoming community. The feeling in the clubhouse is that they are all friends, taking care of each other, helping to find work, supporting, being together even outside the walls of the house and keeping in touch through our wonderful “WhatsApp” group.

Our house is in a special and authentic building in the center of Jerusalem.

As part of a collaboration with Bezalel students, we designed the house to radiate warmth and beauty in a variety of colors, while thinking about the functionality of the work units. The house is beautiful, inviting, pleasant to be and work in.

In our community there are members artists from various fields – music, painting, poetry, ceramics, carpentry and more. They share their talent for the benefit of home, community and friends. In addition, we deal with ecology for the benefit of the home and the world.

In collaboration with the pluralistic beit midrash “Kolot” we study texts from Jewish sources, draw inspiration from the stories of the heroes, interpret and connect the stories to our lives.

The Jerusalem Clubhouse community is in its infancy, open to innovation and collaborations.

Bulletin Board

what has happened


This is a central and significant program in the home that has grown and developed over time more and more, both in terms of the scope of areas for which it is responsible and in terms of the number of members who take part in it.

Its purpose is first and foremost, to enable an equal and quality opportunity of returning to the labor market.

All members of the community feel part of the employment program at Clubhouse, and integrate into it in different ways and of course, most importantly – are responsible for it.

“Group Job Search”

This is a group that takes place once a week, and all members who are looking for work in the free market are invited to it.

The members are not only looking for work for themselves but also for other members of the community.

This way, we have reached three new employers in the last year! The relationship with these employers developed thanks to members of the community, who helped other members find work.

“The way to the right job”

A four-session job-seeking workshop built and moderated by a job-seeking member and employment coordinator. Its purpose is to encourage motivation to find a job, exposure to types of jobs, raising awareness about which job is right for me and which is not and building an action plan.

All the members who participated in this workshop, found a job after it and are now working!

One participant said:

“The workshop helped me and helped me understand what I was looking for. It became clear to me that before the workshop I was busy

בלחפש עבודות אשר כלל לא היו מתאימות עבורי”.

Beyond the responsibility for job seekers, the community also takes responsibility for the working members.

Today, there are about 30 members who work in the free market and accompany at Clubhouse Jerusalem.

These employees sometimes work long hours and are not enough to get to the clubhouse and keep in touch with the community. Out of this need, a “workers’ meeting” group was built.

“Employee meeting”

This group meets once a month in the evening and is for all working members. During the meeting, a pampering dinner is served and there is an open conversation about how I went through the week at work, sharing about dilemmas, difficulties or positive experiences, with the understanding that the feelings are common and similar among all employees and usually deal with employer, perseverance, framework, etc.

The working friends come especially to these meetings, even after long working hours. One of the active working members participating in the group tells:

“This group is my opportunity once a week to ask myself how I am at work,

Play for others and hear experiences. It is not available anywhere else. “

“Hall of Community”

Magnificent “staff board” on the wall of the Clubhouse living room. The board contains photos of the members in the workplaces, the start date of the work and a quote from the member.

Here are some examples of exciting quotes:

“The work gives a sense of importance, you feel needed. The times between shifts go by

בנעימות ובקלות, השינה יותר מתוקה וחיי היומיום מלאים סיפוק”

“Work helps me and challenges me. It starts for a living and continues for the soul”

“Work makes me move forward in my personal goals, gives me mental resilience and light in the eyes to start the day”

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