Dessert workshop

A dessert workshop led by Rani, a staff member (also a successful chef and cook) and friends. We learned three dessert recipes. Malbi, cups of white chocolate crumble cheese with milk jam and volcano chocolate. (The culinary unit will be happy to share the recipes).

We sat in a circle and all the sitters participated in turn in the preparation of the desserts and in addition we were given pages of recipes which included explanations and fascinating stories of how to make chocolate. During the workshop we watched how each dessert is prepared, what quantities and each one learned and did so. Enjoyed and there was a good atmosphere. We tasted the desserts, relished them and it was even said that these are the most delicious desserts they have ever eaten. It was worth the wait. A perfect and fascinating workshop and many thanks to the entire community of Clubhouse Alon Tiberias.

The pictures speak for themselves!

By: Niran Kabaggi