Eligibility for community rehabilitation by law

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A person who has experienced a mental crisis

Sometimes faced with difficult emotional experiences, even beyond the existence of the disease and with impaired various functions. Many times, the disease breaks out unexpectedly, interrupts the sequence of ordinary life and a person finds himself in a reality he does not know, does not know how to deal with it and does not know how to fit back into life in the community. Sometimes questions arise such as: What will happen to me? How will they treat me? What will they think of me? How can I learn? Can I work?

The purpose of rehabilitation in the community

Is to enable the rehabilitation and integration into the community of people facing mental disabilities and improve their quality of life.

Department of Rehabilitation, Division of Mental Health

It is the body responsible for the rehabilitation processes in the Ministry of Health, the department outlines policies and supervises the rehabilitation system in the community.

The wing operates by force חוק שיקום נכי נפש בקהילה, 2000 (hereinafter: “חוק השיקום“). The purpose of the law is to work for the rehabilitation of mentally handicapped people and their integration into the community, to enable them to achieve the highest possible degree of functional independence and quality of life, while maintaining their dignity, in the spirit of the Basic Law of Human Dignity and Liberty.

The services for which the Regional Rehabilitation Committee may determine a rehabilitation plan are specified in detail in the appendix to the Rehabilitation Law and are called “סל שיקום“.

People with a mental disability can take advantage of one or more of the areas included in the rehabilitation basket to the extent that they have been approved by the Regional Rehabilitation Committee.

According to the definition of the law, a “rehabilitation basket” is given to people with 40% or more mental disabilities. The percentage of disability is determined by a medical committee of the National Insurance Institute or by a psychiatrist from the list of psychiatrists authorized by the Ministry of Health for this purpose.

The membership offered by the clubhouse community in Israel takes place within the framework of a “rehabilitation basket” defined by law.

What does a rehabilitation basket actually include? Clubhouse Fellow - Choose with Love


The purpose of the supportive housing services provided under the Rehabilitation Basket is to improve the skills for independent living in the community of people with mental disabilities, through adequate and respectful housing conditions, while providing support, assistance and maintaining regular contact with the community services.


The purpose of the supportive housing services provided under the Rehabilitation Basket is to improve the skills for independent living in the community of people with mental disabilities, through adequate and respectful housing conditions, while providing support, assistance and maintaining regular contact with the community services.


The Education Completion Service is designed to help people with mental disabilities realize their academic abilities and complete their education according to their skills and desires.

Society and leisure time

The purpose of social rehabilitation is to become acquainted with and learn social skills, to impart knowledge and independence in the field, to give a sense of belonging, to alleviate loneliness, to make contact and to integrate into the community.

Coordination of rehabilitation programs in the community

A person dealing with a mental illness can be assisted by a rehabilitation coordinator, who will be responsible for the implementation and coordination of the provision of all services provided by the District Rehabilitation Committee. The service is also designed to help people be active in building their rehabilitation plans and defining their personal goals.

Trust and rehabilitative mentoring

Designed for people who need intensive support, guidance and guidance in various areas of life, in order to help them in the process of adapting to life in the community and strengthening significant functions in their lives.

Assistance to families

In order to facilitate family members, the Ministry of Health has set up counseling centers for families that provide information and support through individual and group counseling, lectures and workshops.

Dental care

The rehabilitation system helps fund oral rehabilitation with the financial participation of the person.

I have a rehabilitation basket and I want to join the clubhouse - how do you do that? Clubhouse Fellow - Choose with Love

People who come to Clubhouse come by virtue of their entitlement to community rehabilitation under the Rehabilitation Act.

The clubhouse is defined as a rehabilitation basket as a social and occupational service, when in fact by definition it is a holistic service, which sees the person as a whole, and aims to support all the different systems of his life.

The international principles for operating a clubhouse define the clubhouse as a community, which accompanies and supports the person in all aspects of his life: employment, society, education, housing, promotion of a healthy lifestyle and more.

The uniqueness of the clubhouse is in the way the services are provided, ie in full partnership: “Intra-community support services are provided by members and staff alike. Community support activities are at the heart of the Clubhouse work unit. Activities include: assistance in eligibility, housing and advocacy, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, as well as assistance in accessing quality treatment in the psychological and pharmacological field, as well as in addiction treatment services ”(from the Clubhouse model, Principle 27).

When a person comes to be a member of the Clubhouse community, he is invited to be a full partner in the management and operation of the place, so that all the services described above are provided by friends and staff alike, and not by the staff members in the traditional way.

To join the clubhouse community you need a permit from the county’s rehabilitation basket.

  • You can contact the accompanying social worker if necessary and submit a request for a rehabilitation basket with him.
  • If there is no accompanying social worker, you can contact the mental health officer at the HMO and find out about the process with him.
  • In any case, you should also contact us (To the clubhouse closest to you) Through the website or by phone, Schedule an introductory tour and enlist our help to advance the process.

What is recovery? Clubhouse Fellow - Choose with Love

גישת ההחלמה בבריאות הנפש Developed over the past 30 years and has contributed greatly to the development and change of policies and practices in the field of mental health rehabilitation. The approach was first developed by people with mental disabilities and their families, over the years joining the development of professionals and academics


The standing position במרכז חזון ההחלמה Is that one can live a meaningful life and progress towards meaningful personal goals despite and alongside the disease and its symptoms. Many countries have adopted the recovery approach to reorganize mental health practice and the approach has inspired new knowledge development and interventions.

At Associate Clubhouse – we believe wholeheartedly in the recovery approach and focus on each other’s strengths, talents and abilities – to assist in each individual’s personal recovery process.