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Up-to-date jobs for the Corona period

Employment is at the heart of the clubhouse model

The whole conduct of the community revolves around the opportunity to engage
In significant and necessary employment.
Allow a wide range of jobs in order to develop an inner motivation to work among every member of the community, wherever he is.
Allow everyone to discover and use their strengths and skills and gain experience based on successes.
At Clubhouse, there is no work with less than the minimum wage and not in an employee-employer relationship, in the belief that this is true of a quality recovery process and real assimilation in the workplace.

There are 4 employment plans open to a member at each recovery stage, based on choice.

1. מערך טרום תעסוקתי Which includes working in the home units on a voluntary basis, in order to create a stable and supportive community ground and choice and experience in an occupational direction out of a connection to myself and the forces within me. Members who go out to work in the additional programs continue to take part in this set-up in parallel with their paid work in the free market.

2. תעסוקה עצמאית,In this employment the clubhouse accompanies the member in the whole process behind the scenes, from the search process to the assimilation in the workplace. Accompaniment is provided at the individual and community level but does not include accompaniment to the employer as it is not necessary.

3. תעסוקה נתמכת, In this employment, the member receives guidance as in independent employment. In addition, the clubhouse accompanies the employer and is involved in mediation, guidance, arrival at the job interview and the workplace, meetings of the escort with the employer and the friend, etc. All this according to the choice of the employer, the member and as needed.

4. תעסוקה מעברית, This employment is the spearhead and highlight of the Clubhouse model!

It is intended for members who currently feel the need for wider support and a softer exit to the free market. It addresses the needs of the friend

Throughout the process and removal of material barriers in the placement process. In addition, it is a classic for an employer looking to integrate employees and can not dedicate

For this a lot of resources, the whole process of interviews and training is the responsibility of the clubhouse. The clubhouse also undertakes to cover the employee’s absence 365 days a year.