Fellows' meeting on a respectful discourse by Uri Nahum, Daniel Cohen and Mikey

As part of the weekly colleagues’ meeting at Clubhouse, a major part of the time was devoted to discussing the subject: “Respectful Discourse.”

What is a respectful discourse? Pleasant and attentive communication to the other and the environment, giving expression to the thoughts, feelings, experiences, fears and hopes of the discourse partners.

Do not use abusive words, abusive words, write abusive comment or post or demean on social media, listen patiently to different opinions, do not disqualify an opinion that is not acceptable to me.

The opinions of the members as well as the staff members were different and varied but it is important to note that we undoubtedly, in most cases, resolve disputes in a respectful manner and of course attentive to each other.

Some have argued that there is not enough respectful communication and there is always room for improvement,

Another company claimed that there is usually a respectful discourse in the clubhouse,

Another company claimed that sometimes in the clubhouse’s WhatsApp group there are comments about incorrect spelling and it is certainly advisable to avoid whitening a friend’s face in public.

Undoubtedly the atmosphere in the place is mostly a positive atmosphere and there is definitely a respectful discourse but sometimes it is desirable and important to remember how to conduct a respectful discourse at all levels.