Leisure: "The Magic Circle" at Clubhouse Tiberias

By: Uri Nahum

As every Tuesday, a leisure meeting is held at the Clubhouse and this time the “Magic Circle”. An interesting meeting in which the participants bring up stories from their personal past and a dialogue takes place on various topics concerning the personal lives of the members.

In the first stage, an open questionnaire was prepared in the format “Meet the friend” in which the members were asked personal questions concerning their past, special events and / or exceptional events, and the like.

In the second stage, members were invited to a personal interview with facilitators Rani and Eliran, in which questions were prepared in advance.

The third step included assigning different tasks, such as: Tell what the origin of your name is, did you change your original name or last name, etc …
The culinary unit sweetened the encounter with delicious cakes and drinks. The leisure meeting took place in a pleasant and light-hearted atmosphere.