Not just a green character - also a green approach to life at Clubhouse Afula

Lately we are striving to improve ourselves in terms of ecology and environment and we are trying to be Green community” , By, Among other things, Recycling and savings.

The environment has become an important and popular issue in recent years, So we too have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to pay attention and importance to this. We try to separate garbage, We started creating playing cards on the subject, We have a garden that we invest in and we strive to eat a healthy diet in the clubhouse. We have a lot more to strive for in this area, And as you get into it you realize how much more needs to be improved.

We would like to recommend a book on ecology and the environment named after him Map Guide to Green LivingOf Inbal Reshef, Which lists lots of ways to a greener life and provides information in the field.