The parking lane marking project, by: Uri Nahum

On Friday, June 18, the preparatory work and marking of the 11 parking lots in front of the Clubhouse building was completed in good time.

The project was initiated by members and staff as part of the process of renovating and upgrading the clubhouse structure both inside and out.

Among other things, the parking markings are intended to allow more orderly and proper parking of the cars of the members, staff and guests of the place.

After cleaning the place (weeds, thorns, holes sealed in concrete, etc.), the parking lots were marked according to a standard set by the Ministry of Transportation.
The project gives the clubhouse and the building’s facade in particular a more orderly, proper and aesthetic look.

Focus on the beautiful and thorough work done on the site by a number of friends and staff from the Clubhouse and good luck in the following missions!