Representatives of the Clubhouse Association Amit at the Extrability Conference 2021 - of David Yellin College

Clubhouse Amit is proud of its honored representatives participating this year
At the 2021 Extensibility Conference of David Yellin College, you are invited to register for the unique conference, the third in number, of David Yellin College.

Among the organizers of the conference, participants Eyal and Sylvia who lead in partnership with our Dana Goldman – a course in leadership and social initiative (our second year together) for education students and friends from Clubhouse Jerusalem together. Hence in fact the initial connection and here the click was created that led to the special and empowering partnership.

We invite you to read the attached link on extrability to get an idea of what this is about, how are we related? We, and the intention of our movement and model, were invited to join as partners in learning, developing and promoting the general concept that underlies the extability in the social context.

As far as the organizers are concerned, we are the most natural partners in the issue, because of the principles that underlie our model (the most obvious example is partnership but there is more) that are the best ground, right and allow for extability, and in the context of conference, leadership, growth.
We have a session on the first day of the conference – we will have half an hour to talk about leadership in the context of the clubhouse model and extrability – Serge, Cyrus from the Fountain House in New York, Shimon / Leah and I from Klaahouse Jerusalem, we will present things.

In the second stage, we will split up with the other participants, into thinking and working teams (zoom and frontal) – on how to apply our standards in other areas of life (say education) and by doing so, help overcome various challenges / change perception and conduct, etc.

We are very much identified and identify with a concept that calls for partnership, for equal opportunities for action and growth, for dissolving the barriers and stigmas … and that is why we also joined the cause, at least for one conference.

We are very excited that the name of our international community in general, and of our association in particular, appears in the context of a conference aimed at these perceptions and we are happy that our model is getting a stage and more exposure, probably at an international level 🙂

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