The special project that is being created in collaboration between the Department of Psychology at Emek Yizrael College, photographer Noam Ben-Gurion Musari, curator Sagit Zluff-Namir and the "Clubhouse Amit" association:

A photo exhibition, discussion circles and a seminar on stigma.

During the month of November, a discussion circle will be held at the college, led by female students from the Department of Psychology and members of the Clubhouse on the subject of stigma.
At the end of November, the photography exhibition will open on a festive day that will include a seminar by the Department of Psychology.

The excitement among all involved is great and the preparations are in full swing.

As part of the preliminary process for the opening of the exhibition, we hosted six charming students from the Department of Psychology at Clubhouse Afula. They joined us for a joint work morning, which ended with an open, honest and exposed conversation about the personal challenges of us all.
We finished with lunch together. There was a meaningful encounter for everyone.

Here are some impressions from the visit that the female students gave us:
“The meeting at Clubhouse was an empowering, enriching and meaningful experience for me.
For a year now I, as a undergraduate student in psychology, have been dealing with mental limitations, stigmas and prejudices, but this time we were given the opportunity to see things as they are in reality, in the field.
As part of the meeting, we took part in the working day at the Clubhouse, we got to meet the members of the place and have a fascinating discussion with them, emphasizing the issue of stigmas.
My main message from the meeting: We all use stereotypical thinking and it can not be avoided, but it is important to remember that behind the stigmas are human beings. We must see the person beyond the stigma – it can change lives …!
Thank you for the opportunity to develop your thinking and learn a little more about ourselves and the other. “

“The meeting at Clubhouse for me was a great reminder of the need to silence the inner voices that catalog and teach you to immediately stigmatize a stranger, and the desire to see a face, a smile, a personality and a story – before and above the data. I really enjoyed getting to know the lovely people at this inviting place and waiting for the show .”

We will soon announce the opening date of the exhibition. We would be very happy to meet🙏🙏💘💘💘💘
Jezreel Valley Academic College