1. Membership is voluntary and time-independent.

2Clubhouse has the ability to control the acceptance of new members. Membership is open to anyone with a past of mental coping,
Unless it poses a significant and immediate threat to the general security of the clubhouse community.

3. Members choose the way they benefit from the clubhouse and choose the team they work with. There are no agreements,
Contracts, schedules or rules, which are designed to enforce the participation of members.

4. All members have equal access to every opportunity offered by the Clubhouse, with no distinction based on performance levels or diagnoses.

5. Members, at will, are involved in recording each follow-up that reflects their participation in the Clubhouse. Such registration will be signed by members and staff alike.

6. Members reserve the right to rejoin the Clubhouse community immediately after any period of absence, unless you return
Poses a threat to the clubhouse community.

7. The Clubhouse provides an effective out-of-reach system for members who are not regularly present, who are isolated in the community, or who are hospitalized.


8. All Clubhouse meetings are open to members and staff alike. No official meetings or meetings are held for staff members only
Or to members only, who discuss decision-making and issues concerning members.

9. The number of staff members will be large enough to involve members, but small enough so that it will not allow staff members to meet their tasks without the involvement of members.

10. Staff members have general roles. All staff members share responsibility for employment, housing, holidays, evenings and weekends, as well as responsibility
On operating the unit. The staff members do not divide their time between their work at the clubhouse and another significant area of responsibility, which is contrary to the unique nature
Of staff relations and friends at Clubhouse.

11. The responsibility for the operation of the clubhouse belongs to the members and staff, headed by the clubhouse manager. At the center of this responsibility
The involvement of members and staff in all aspects of the operation of the clubhouse is met.


12. Clubhouse has its own overall identity: clubhouse name, mailing address, email address and phone number.

13. The clubhouse is located in its own physical space. It is separate from any mental health center or any institutional environment, and does not integrate with other programs. The clubhouse is built with the aim of supporting the Day Ordered Work, while at the same time being attractive and of sufficient size, and conveying a dignified feeling.

14. The entire clubhouse space is accessible to members and staff alike. There is no space for members or staff individually.

Arranging daily work

15. The activities of the day organized around work share together, friends and staff, side by side in the day-to-day management of the clubhouse. The clubhouse focuses on strengths, talents and abilities; Therefore the work activities do not include: content of mental health stations, day clinics or other treatment programs within the clubhouse.

16. Work done at Clubhouse is the result of the exclusive development, creation, operation and upgrade of the Clubhouse and its members. At the Clubhouse no private or public work of an outside body will be done, whether for profit or not, the members do not receive any salary for work at the Clubhouse, nor does the Clubhouse have any artificial reward system.

17. The clubhouse is open at least five days a week. The hours of daily work at the clubhouse will be the same as normal working hours.

18. Each clubhouse is organized as a unit / work units, each with enough staff, friends and significant work to carry on a full day of joint daily activities. Each unit holds meetings to nurture a relationship and organize daily work activities.

19. All the work at Clubhouse is structured so that it will help members regain a sense of self-worth, goal-making and a sense of security.
The Clubhouse is not designed to provide specific professional training.

20. Members are given the opportunity to participate in all clubhouse work, including administration, research, absorption, registration, orientation and out reaching, hiring, training, staff evaluation, public relations, advocacy and evaluating the effectiveness of the clubhouse.


21. The Clubhouse allows its members to return to paid employment through transitional employment, supported employment and self-employment; Therefore, the clubhouse is not
Provides members with work through “home” businesses, internal clubhouse employment establishments or other sheltered workshops

Transitional employment

22. The Clubhouse offers its own transitional employment program, which provides each member, as a privilege by virtue of his membership in the Clubhouse, with the opportunity to work in the workplace in the free market. According to the definitions of transitional employment, the clubhouse is responsible and obligated to cover absences in all workplaces in the event of the absence of a co-worker.

In addition, the transitional employment plan is based on the following criteria:

A. The desire to work is the only and first-rate factor in determining employment opportunities.

B. Employment options will continue to be available to the member, regardless of past successes or failures

C. The members work in the workplace with the employer.

D. Membership pay is a fair wage, at least a minimum wage and paid directly by the employer.

E. Transitional employment places constitute a wide range of employment opportunities.
F. Transitional employment jobs are part-time jobs that are limited in time, usually 20-15 hours a week and for six to nine months.

G. The selection of members and their training for the position are the responsibility of the clubhouse and not the employer.

H. Clubhouse members and staff prepare reports on transitional employment for relevant member rights and benefit organizations.

I. The transitional employment places are managed by the members and staff of the Clubhouse and not by transitional employment experts.

J. There are no transitional employment jobs within the clubhouse. transitional employment jobs in the organization that operates the clubhouse must be in a different location from the clubhouse
And meet all of the above.

Independent and supported employment

23. The Clubhouse offers its own supported and independent employment programs to help members ensure, retain and then improve their employment status. As part of the characteristics of independent and supported employment, the Clubhouse maintains contact with employed members and their employers.
Partners and team members define the type, frequency and location of accompaniment and support required.

24. Members who work independently retain all rights, support and opportunities at Clubhouse, including the right to legal advice, assistance with: housing, medical assistance, financial assistance and support in all areas of life, including participation in evening programs and weekends.


25. The Clubhouse helps members achieve their professional and academic goals by helping them take advantage of educational opportunities
In the community. When the clubhouse also conducts an internal curriculum, it is significantly aided by the teaching and training skills of members.

Home operation

26. The clubhouse and transitional employment places are located in an accessible area for public transport. The Clubhouse provides or provides effective alternatives
In case access to public transport is limited or lacking.

27. Intra-community support services are provided by members and staff alike. Community support activities are at the heart of the Clubhouse work unit.
Activities include: assistance with eligibility, housing and advocacy, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, as well as assistance with access to quality treatment in the psychological and pharmacological field, as well as services
Of addiction treatment.

28. The Clubhouse provides assistance, activities and opportunities, designed to help members develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

29. The Clubhouse is committed to finding a range of safe, fair, and inexpensive housing options for all members, including independent living opportunities for all members.
Clubhouse has access to opportunities that meet these requirements, and if not, the Clubhouse develops its own housing program. The Clubhouse Housing Program

Based on the following criteria:

A. Friends and staff run the program together.

B. The housing in the place is according to the choice of the residents of the place.

C. The members choose their location and the roommates.

D. Program policies and rules are developed in line with the clubhouse culture.

E. The level of support increases or decreases depending on the needs of the member

F. Members and staff work to help members maintain and maintain their place of residence, especially in the event of hospitalization.

30. The Clubhouse conducts an objective assessment of its effectiveness, including the certification of the International Clubhouse.
31. The director of the clubhouse, staff members, friends and other suitable people, participate in a two- or three-week training program on a model
The Clubhouse, a certified training center.

32. Clubhouse has social and leisure programs that take place in the evenings and on weekends. Holidays are celebrated at Clubhouse on time.

Funding, administration and administration

33. Clubhouse has an independent board of directors, or to the extent that it is managed by an umbrella organization (association or company), it has a separate advisory council, which includes people in key positions.
These provide support and advocacy to Clubhouse in the economic, legal, legislative, employment, consumer and community sectors.

34. The Clubhouse develops and maintains its own budget, which is approved by the Board of Directors or the Advisory Council, prior to the opening of each budget year. This budget is supervised by the committee / council, which provides information and recommendations before the start of the budget year, as well as continuous monitoring throughout the year.

35.Salaries Staff members compete with similar salaries paid in the field of mental health.

36. Clubhouse has the full support of the state’s mental health authorities, as well as having all the required licenses and approvals. The Clubhouse collaborates with individuals and organizations that can increase its effectiveness and impact in the wider community.

37. The Clubhouse holds open forums and operates procedures that allow members and staff to actively participate in decision-making, usually according to a consensus regarding management, policy-making and future direction, and the development of the Clubhouse.