Weeks celebration at the Clubhouse

By: Uri Nahum

On Pentecost the clubhouse wore white.

All members and staff took part in the preparations for the big celebration that awaited everyone on Thursday, Monday, May 13th.

Earlier, the decoration of the place and the preparations for the holiday treats began

שכללו בין היתר פשטידות, סלטים, תוספות למיניהן וקינוחים טעימים.

The clubhouse is decorated with a variety of flowers, paintings and holiday greetings.

White tablecloths were spread out on the tables, which gave the place a festive atmosphere befitting Shavuot.

Participants arrived in white, with lots of mood and were greeted: “Happy Holidays.”

We opened the day with Shavuot songs in the background and festive breakfasts.

Later, a holiday ceremony was held, during which our friend Niran told about Mount Sinai, and we sang some of the best holiday songs.

לאחר מכן נערכו ריקודי עם שהתבססו בין היתר על שירי החג באווירה שמחה ועליזה.

At noon, a festive meal was served based on various holiday dishes

Which ended with particularly delicious desserts.

Friends and girlfriends made beautiful bouquets that were of course placed on their heads.

המשכנו לשמוע שירים וסיפורים על החג וכולנו חזרנו הביתה שמחים ומחוייכים.