What has changed

By: Raya Heruti

What has changed that order, prior to that order?

That in the previous order no one bothered to look for the afikoman because there was no one to hide nor anyone to look.
That in that order we sat alone with lettuce, an egg and some small gefilta and the Haggadah because there was no desire to prepare delicacies except for people.

That we told in the Exodus and hoped from the bottom of our hearts that if we passed through Pharaoh we would pass through this as well.

But deep down with inner faith we knew it was a small obstacle to pass.
We maintained social distance, we kept distance limits, we wore masks and over time we were vaccinated with both the first and second vaccine.

Bar-Siman-Tov and Prof. Grotto have become cultural icons and of course the tireless Prof. Barbash and many other good ones.

D di dino.

In this next order we must for good enjoy and know how to appreciate all good. We sat with the family, enjoyed the food they bothered and worked for and sure the result was delicious and amazing.

We will appreciate what is not taken for granted. The freedom, health and gratitude.

The Torah spoke of four sons: wise, wicked, innocent and who does not know how to ask. And everyone alike will turn to the table and savor the wonders of the holiday.
He who does not know how to ask will be exempt from what has changed. An atmosphere of acceptance, love and understanding.

That the previous holiday as it was would remain lonely and useless in the past. A distant memory that will fade with time.

And the present holiday will bring with it prosperity and health and love and the fulfillment of expectations and dreams.
The sky, the moon, the stars and beyond them are the limit.
Because sometimes dreams come true if only, even a little, want …

Happy and Kosher Passover.