Who we are

The “Clubhouse Amit” association (public association, non-profit organization) was established with the aim of improving the quality of life of people living with the consequences of a deep mental crisis, and promoting their integration into society at large in all areas of life. This is done through the development and implementation of the Clubhouse model in Israel. This model is international and advanced and is based on the philosophy of the consumer movement (nothing about us without us). The Clubhouse is a rehabilitative: occupational and social community, supervised and funded by the Ministry of Health, for people dealing with mental disabilities. The association’s clubhouse centers in Israel belong to the global clubhouse movement, which includes 330 clubhouse centers all over the world and operates under an international organization called clubhouse international. The association operates the unique model, with the support and assistance of the Ministry of Health and the National Insurance Institute, in three places in Israel: in Upper Nazareth, Tiberias and Jerusalem. The association’s activities have been accompanied over the years by many partners and supporters, including: the Ministry of Health, the National Insurance Special Enterprises Fund, the National Insurance Fund for the Development of Services for the Disabled, the Weinberg Foundation (USA), the Ted Arison Family Foundation, the Yad Hanadiv Foundation, Joseph and Christina Cassirer, the Sobel Foundation, the Ryan Foundation, the Wolfson Foundation and the State Legacy Committee, Check Point and more.

The model