“The world of work is changing at a rapid pace and employees are required for new skills, digital skills and learning abilities and coping with many changes.”

The SKILL UP program is a program for training employees of JDC and the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

In the workshop we learn how to learn independently for personal and professional development, dealing with situations of change, self-management in the face of multiple tasks, the ability to learn from experience, initiative and a sense of competence and more.

We are at Clubhouse Tiberias in the office unit, as of today we have already gone through 4 meetings out of 8.

Everyone in the course learns to put their finger on what it is that if I learn and improve it then I will be better and open to digital innovations without fear.

Each week more and more friends meet in front of the computer screen together with Mikey for three hours of zoom teaching and at the same time pass on what is being learned between the other members and staff.

Good luck and enjoyment to all of us!