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Eligibility for community rehabilitation by law

Clubhouse Fellow - Choose with Love


A person who has experienced a mental crisis

Sometimes faced with difficult emotional experiences, even beyond the existence of the disease and with impaired various functions.
And cuts off the sequence of life.

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The purpose of rehabilitation in the community

Is to enable the rehabilitation and integration into the community of people facing mental disabilities and improve their quality of life.

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Department of Rehabilitation, Division of Mental Health

The body responsible for rehabilitation processes in the Ministry of Health, the Division outlines policies and supervises rehabilitation. The division operates under the Rehabilitation of the Mentally Handicapped in the Community Law,

Calendar created by members of Clubhouse Jerusalem - for sale to the general public!

The calendar is the result of a joint work of the Clubhouse community – women who have gone through a mental crisis: creators, writers, painters, content editors and graphic designers.
His income is for the benefit of the community (recognized for tax purposes).

Available in two sizes:

  • A3 -30 ₪
  • A4 -20 ₪
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